How do we set this up for our firm? Does APS do it or do we do ourselves? 
KA-05067 explains how to get Real-time Reporting up and running in your practice. 

What version of APS is required for Real-time Reporting? 
Real-time Reporting is available on databases running Practice Management 11 and above 


Where do I find the Power BI templates? 
Both the AU and NZ PowerBI templates can be downloaded from KA-05067


Would all staff need a Power BI licence each for the reports to work? 
No, Real-time Reporting will run on Power BI Desktop which is free. Power BI Pro and Premium is the next subscription level which allows additional functionality.


Can filter selections be saved on dashboards? E.g. Filter by Partner
Yes, filters can be saved depending on the type of filters. These are limited within Power BI. For example, a list filter can be saved, but a click-through filter like clicking on a bar or donut chart will not save as they are interactive filters.


Will Real-time reporting connect to the APS+ range like Workflow+?
Real-time Reporting through PowerBI connects to your desktop database. It does not connect with Workflow+.


Is this the replacement for PIQ? 
PIQ provides you with analytical solutions allowing you to compare data over time, allowing complex custom calculations, etc. Real-time reporting is your practice management data as it is right now and works the same way as Standard Reporting. 


What performance impacts would these dashboards have on the SQL server when querying data? 
The performance impact is minimal. Think of the amount of time it takes to run a standard report. All dashboards or specific dashboards can be refreshed, so if the APS database is large, then consider updating one dashboard at a time or when needed.


When APS updates the real time reporting for new modules/improvements will that reset any saved filters/changes?
Depending on the type of update, we may make additional attributes available. These will not affect any existing Power BI workbooks. If we change any visualisations, then we will provide new Real-time Reporting templates. 


Does the SQL script need to be run outside of business hours?
The script can be run at any time because it only creates Views in the SQL database and does not alter any data



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