Users are attempting to prepopulate a return in Tax Manager by clicking on the button "Add income details held by Inland Revenue".  An error message is displayed:

Prepop Not Successful

Authentication Failure




For this function to work, in Web Lodgements, Automated Tasks must be enabled:




  Note: If you have more than one Tax Agency List, this feature must be enabled for each Agent.


  Note: Whichever user Enables the Automation, their details are used to complete the Prepop function, regardless of which user actually clicks the button from Tax Manager.  Therefore, ensure that the Tax Administrator who Enables this in Web, has the most appropriate MyIR permissions.



The IRD are aware of a MyIR issue that is affecting this functionality for some customers, and details are noted here:

The IRD access token used for the "Prepop" function is becoming invalid if the user who has enabled "Automated Tasks" logins into MyIR elsewhere.   

At the APS end of Gateway Services, this issue (reference ANT-1757) has been resolved via Automatic Web Tax Updates deployed on 6th December 2022.




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