The lodgement of an IR6 return has failed with the error message:


!Error with Lodgement

IR6 return for XXX period ended XXX-XX-XX failed lodgement.

Reason: IRD Response: no value provided for assetsSharesValuation - assetsSharesValuation is required when assetsShares in not nil;



The error is indicating that a value is missing from keypoint 35G of the Financial Summary form, where a value has been entered in 35F:



Take the IR6 return back to WIP status in Tax Manager.  Populate the above field and try lodging the return again.



This issue (reference ANT-1703) has been resolved in NZ Tax Hotfixes released on 18 January 2023.  A 'validation' has now been included for this KP, to highlight the issue prior to lodgement of the return.





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