A bug has been discovered in PM11.2.2 (DB 11.2009) when running a WIP Details report from Central Console. 

Run a WIP Details report from Central Console > Select Client > Reports > WIP Detail > Then select Yes or No for all Detail WIP Report dialogue boxes

Some clients have 2 empty boxes on top and some of them have values in it which is not allocated against any header/column


When the report is Export to Excel - the boxes are still not aligned. Export this report to Excel through Export Document > Microsoft Excel Workbook [.xls]

Some of the clients’ WIP Details reports are showing unaligned boxes, when the report is Export to Excel. 

   Important Note - This happens with any Matter with Milestones or without Milestones


The problem described in this article will be fixed by our Development Team.


Please update the report manually.


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