What is it?

The APS cloud application service enables both your practice and selected other applications like ATOmate to get access to APS data in the cloud. APS Cloud service is the first step to activate the following services:

  • Client Hub: Access client information on your smart phone, laptop or tablet.
  • Cloud Timesheets: Update your timesheets on your mobile anywhere, anytime.
  • BankData for Accountants: Import your client's bank transactions into your XPA Ledgers.
  • NZ Tax TDS: Receive TDS Transactional data services from IRD through to your APS NZ Tax application.
  • Workflow+: Information, notifications and built in threads for seamless team collaboration.
  • ATOmate: For processing, checking and distribution of ATO documentation (Australia Only).
  • Connectworks: Streamline management of Companies, Trusts and AML/CFT compliance for NZ firms

Why should I enable APS Cloud Service?

All the new APS+ cloud applications (e.g. Workflow+, Ledger+ etc) use cloud services to connect to your existing APS system. Our partners like ATOmate also use cloud services API to integrate to APS. We expect most, if not all of our clients, will want to take advantage of our brand-new cloud software, and will want the ability to integrate their APS with other applications like ATOmate. For more information, read our frequently asked questions on APS Cloud Service.

How do I get started?

Cloud Services forms part of the Practice Management 11 installation.

Review our download page for installation instructions and access to the software. Check if APS Cloud Service is already Installed and Running.

Need a Tenant ID to activate Cloud?

As part of the setup, you will require a Tenant ID. You can request this here.  This will also include setting up Contacts+ integration.

Request Activation

Already have Cloud Services activated, but need Contacts+ Integration?

If you activated Cloud Services before December 2020, you may still need to activate Contacts+ to take advantage of integration with Workflow+ and our Partner products.

Request Contacts+
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