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APS Practice Management

Features Benefits
One central hub for all your applications. Quickly share information between other lines of business and compliance applications, with key data available from your device.
Easy, intuitive tracking of staff, clients and jobs. Provides end to end visibility over jobs and processes so that you can seamlessly plan, schedule and deliver on time and on budget.
Easy-to-use desktop or cloud timesheets. Intuitive timesheets allow you to complete your timesheet anytime, anywhere, on any device.
Automated and personalised fee and debtor system. Bill clients accurately and efficiently, saving you time by ensuring your debtor system reflects your client agreements and supports your cashflow process.

APS Practice IQ

Features Benefits
Flexible data warehouse. Drive better productivity and profitability by identifying inefficiencies, resources or budget issues ahead of time with our convenient practice dashboards which utilises up to date reports of your practice’s key performance indicators.
Personalised staff utilisation and planning dashboards to assist with staff budgeting, productivity and efficiency reporting. Generate better practice insights to improve your resource allocation.
Detailed revenue reporting for easy WIP and debt management. Gain valuable performance insights to increase your firm’s profitability through the Practice IQ fee performance and profit and loss analysis reports.
Flexible, customisable dashboards and reports. Custom design your reports and dashboards to suit your needs and data insight requirements.
Track tax lodgement statistics via tax dashboard. Monitor your tax lodgement percentage for easy progress reporting and year on year trend analysis.
Comprehensive analysis of key metrics including WIP, outstanding debt, lock-up, KPI’s and more. Gain visibility on where jobs are at, if they are on time, on budget, who they are currently sitting with and more.

APS Business Process Automation

Features Benefits
Automated workflow alerts. Identify bottlenecks early on to support an efficient workflow process from beginning to end with our in-built alerts and notifications.
Customisable alerts to suit your needs. Implement with ease using our best-practice list of standard alerts or if you know exactly what you need, customise your own.
Lock-up and WIP alerts. Reduce write-offs and improve profitability by utilising timely alerts to uncover lock up issues.
Timesheet alerts. Improve cashflow and ensure you are tracking to budget by easily monitoring timesheets to support your billing cycle.
Exception reporting. Maintain database integrity to ensure key client data is recorded correctly.

APS Tax Australia

Features Benefits
Practice management Integration. Enable your practice to focus on value-add activities by leveraging integrated databases to populate return fields and eliminate duplication of data.
Sharing and distributions. Reduce re-keying and eliminate transposition errors by easily sharing information between returns.
Dual screen capability. Effective use of real estate on screen with the ability to undock and move different parts of the return to different screens for easy access to multiple data points all at once.
Lodgement reporting. Keep on top of practice lodgement deadlines with lodgement lists directly from the ATO.

APS Elite Tax Australia

Features Benefits
Widely accepted and respected. Access from any IT database running off the Microsoft SQL Platform.
Practice management Integration. Enable your practice to focus on value-add activities by leveraging integrated databases to populate return fields and eliminate duplication of data.

Workflow management.

Streamline the end-to-end lodgement process with the workflow and status reports to improve your practice on-time lodgement percentage.
Trend analysis and reporting.

Gain valuable business insights with our trend analysis and data extraction tools.


APS Tax New Zealand

Features Benefits
Direct connection to the IRD. Link and delink clients, file returns and automatically review downloaded transactions.
Integration with APS applications such as XPA and PIQ. Reduce double handling of data entry with our XPA integration and keep up to date on data filing statistics with our integration into PIQ.
Bulk email tax notices and reminders. Give your clients confidence as their business advisor by keeping your clients up to date with their tax responsibilities.
Direct integration to TMNZ. Manage quotes and purchases directly through the NZ tax application.
Online paperless approach to tax return preparation and administration. Provides visibility over all aspects of your clients’ tax positions.

APS Xcede Professional Accounting

Features Benefits
Professional purpose-built compliance platform. Provides peace of mind that all reports are regulatory compliant and up to date.
Integration with practice management and document management. Save time storing client ledgers into a central database and workpaper directory. Easily upload client ledgers into a single reporting format at job commencement
Third party Integrations with Reckon, Xero, Myob and QBO. Benefit from simple and streamlined client ledgers and easily develop reports with our third party integration into Reckon Accounts, Xero, Myob, QBO and more.
Pull historical data easily. Access your clients past and present financials to support your business advisory and goal setting discussions.

APS SyncDirect

Features Benefits
One process to follow, regardless of client software (included MYOB, Xero and Excel files). Easy to train users and have standardised processes.
Gather client data quickly, importing straight from the clients accounting system into XPA. Allow your team to focus on running and growing your business by reducing time-consuming data entry into your general ledger.
Create rules that help automate the data collection process. Streamlined engagement with clients.
Instant data collections as frequently as required. Increase compliance accuracy ensuring your client data is current and correct.
Choose general ledger or trial balance Imports, Provide up to date and real time management style reports and business advisory to clients including trend analysis.
Sync Direct write back feature. Supports the ability to post adjustments directly back in the source system so that both systems remain in parallel.

APS Workpaper Management

Features Benefits
One single system for organising, storing and automating the creation of workpaper content. Gain a new level of efficiency and accessibility within your team with our electronic work paper management system.
Flexible options for rolling projects. Save time and preparation at the project engagement level with easy rolling each year.
One place to manage the flow and status of any job. Ensures staff collaboration and content authorisation at key milestones of any project.

Integration with practice management.

Eliminate double entry and improve data accuracy between the PM and WM modules.
Integration with document management. Streamline the document filing process and Increase the quality of materials used across the firm with standardised templates.
Integrate XPA Account balances into workpapers. Auto populate year end balances for verification (e.g. auto populate bank 680 into my workpapers directly from XPA to verify against workpaper balances). No re-keying of figures means less risk of transposition errors.

APS Client Relationship Management

Features Benefits
One central database. Reduce double entry and increase visibility of prospects and suppliers by synchronising data between applications.
Centralise your events and track the status easily. Promotes more meaningful event engagement and helps Identify new business opportunities.

Proactively measure your client relationships with the risk assessment, advocacy and switching cost tools.

Build long term advocacy and loyalty by better managing your existing and new client relationships.